How To Save Bhutan Travel Cost

The Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the coolest and most magical travel destinations in the world. Bhutan is truly the national geographic experience. The reason for this is both the authenticity of the place and the hefty. 200-500 dollars a day tour cost standard $750 roundtrip on Bhutan’s only career Druk Airways.


The trick about getting to Bhutan is that you have to go through a licensed tour operator. But this way you have to spend at least 350 dollars a day. In this price, the travel agency is providing you a guide, car, driver & hotels. Once you are there you do not have to pay for a thing and absolutely nothing that you want to do will be off limits.


On the other hand in Bhutan, you are not obligated and it is not considered that polite to tip in restaurants and hotels. However, do take note that you have to tip your guide. You can try bargaining in shops to save some money, but do not be disappointed if you cannot get a good deal. Do not expect more than 10% discount. The prices between shops do not differ substantially. The local currency is the Ngultrum, but Indian currency is accepted in most places in Bhutan too.


In conclusion, the daily tour price is fixed by the royal government of Bhutan, therefore nothing much to deliberate is left. An option to save Bhutan travel cost is to but your flight 2-3 months earlier than your trip on Druk Asia. Keep in mind that you can use the Indian currency in Bhutan, in that way you will not lose a lot of money while changing currencies. Your trip to Bhutan might be pricey, but it will be one of the best you have ever had.